I am grateful and humbled by the amazing transformations I’ve seen in my clients’ lives as we work together. Here, they share the love!

“Before working with Wendy, I didn’t think I had time for ‘self care.’ Work, raising a family, when could I ‘fit it in?’ After my first session with Wendy I realized that it wasn’t about ‘fitting it in’; it was about making smart, achievable, and healthier choices that worked for us all. OUR HOUSEHOLD IS A HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, AND MORE ENERGIZED ONE AND I COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT WENDY!”

Karen C. | Publishing Executive | Cape Cod, MA

“As a first-time mother, pregnancy was overwhelming—there was so much to learn, so much responsibility and so many changes, all in such a short time! THAT’S WHY GREEN DOT’S PRENATAL NUTRITIONAL PROGRAM WAS A LIFESAVER FOR US. Each month we got a custom-designed list of recipes focusing on ingredients we needed that trimester—folic acid in the early stages, added iron intake later on, additional omega-3s in the final months, and lactogenic dishes after delivery.

Wendy’s wealth of knowledge meant she was always on hand to answer questions about a huge range of issues, from which prenatal vitamins are best to whether rosemary can really trigger contractions. I WENT FROM BEING ANXIOUS AND STRESSED TO BEING RELAXED AND EXCITED, because instead of focusing on the baby’s nutrition I could instead focus on preparing for delivery and decorating the nursery. With Wendy’s help, I had a wonderful, healthy, and dare I say EASY pregnancy. Thank you, Wendy!”

—Michelle H. | Advertising Copywriter | Brooklyn, NY

WORKING WITH WENDY WAS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I COULD HAVE DONE FOR MYSELF. In the few months that I worked with her, she helped me to break through some resistance I was having and supported me in putting together a action plan. The goals in that plan were things I knew were achievable but I had struggled in the past to accomplish on my own. Through her support, guidance and holding me accountable, I was able to have some amazing breakthroughs that have taken me to a whole new level.

Thanks Wendy!”

—Jared S. | Financial Services | Cleveland, OH