Every Day Is Earth Day

Every Day Is Earth Day

April 22, 2013 |  by | Follow her on Twitter here | 

On April 22nd each year, we celebrate Earth Day. There’s a flurry of attention paid to the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), and organic and “natural” brands experience an inevitable surge in interest.

I should take this moment to say that I don’t begrudge anyone an opportunity to capitalize on living in harmony with Mother Nature or to celebrate all the perks of going “green.” However, Earth Day is simply not something that phases me much because I feel as if every day is Earth Day. Here’s why:

We do not inherit the planet from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

This simple Native American saying keeps me honest. It reminds me of the marked difference between ownership and stewardship. And how it’s incumbent upon us to practice the latter, lest we let the wonder, joy, beauty, and adventure inherent in nature slip away….

It’s rare, but when my husband and I go down a rabbit-hole of despair about the state of the environment, it almost always comes down to this idea: that it’s devastating to imagine that our future kids, and their kids, and their kids wouldn’t get to experience all that we have from spending time outside.

For me, the experience is that of a place that soothes me, brings me nourishment, excites my senses, and feels like home.

That’s why you’ll find me reducing, reusing, recycling, composting, growing vegetables, and geeking out on all things green not only today, but tomorrow, and each day thereafter.

Rilke Quote - Earth My Dearest


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  1. Beautiful post Wendy! And of course so right… That poem is so perfect, love it!


  2. That was so beautifully written. thanks.

  3. I love your post. :) I totally agree with you – it’s kind of like only celebrating the love for your spouse on Valentine’s Day! It should be celebrated and cherished each and every day. :)

  4. One of my favorite ways to recycle, reuse or up-cycle, with with jewelry. My hobby is jewelry making and it is fun to see how creative I can get reusing resources. Some seriously beautiful pieces have come of it.

    • I agree, up-cycling gives you such an opportunity to flex your creative muscle! I hold the strong vision of starting a wellness center with an emphasis on growing and plan on decorating it almost exclusively with found objects and imagination. I’d love to see your jewelry, Aria!

  5. Everyday is Earth Day! One day of change will not have the impact we need unless we carry forward some of the initiatives started on Earth Day.

    Pleased to say that we joined a CSA this year and regularly have conversations with our kids about being good stewards of all that God has provided us.

    • CSAs are the gateway drug to gardening, Cathy! Kidding aside, I’m excited to hear that stewardship is something that you are instilling in your children. The natural world is indeed a blessing.

  6. I love that quote! We definitely should all be doing what we can to reduce our environmental impact for future generations! Visiting from UBC!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Michelle :) I often think about what converts someone from “should” thinking to action. If we could find a compelling and consistent way to flip that switch, we’d all be better off!

  7. Right on target…well said! Enjoyed reading your take . The quotes were incredible. Points made very well taken and not someone going off on some banter.

  8. Beautiful quote and excellent point! I have linked to you in my blog post for the day :)

    • Cool, Gwen! I’ll have to check it out.

      That quote totally resonated with me, especially now that it’s Spring and everyone is going gaga over planting… I am, too, of course, but feel just as enamored with nature in the winter in New England!

  9. I love the quote and the image. yes I agree every day is earth day and how blessed we are to be able to be the daily guardians of the earth

    Great to meet you

  10. Great post Wendy! I think if more people thought about it from your perspective of what are we leaving for our children, more action would be taken. I like to get away from the “should” thinking and instead consider that I am doing something because it benefits myself and others.

  11. Well said, Wendy. I’ve always had mixed feelings about Earth Day (just like I do about any “awareness day” I suppose.) On the one hand, I kind of feel like it makes people think that they’re “off the hook” for the other 364 days because they did their good deed for the year. But on the other hand, one day of goodness is better than none. And if awareness days inspire even one person to make real lifestyle changes, then it’s all worthwhile.

    So glad to have discovered your blog! (And your Facebook page. You post some great stuff!)

  12. Great post, Wendy. Every day is Earth Day at our home, too. Mother Earth loves a good hug daily, just like we do. Thanks for all that you do to help her and preserve her for all the future generations to come.

  13. I agree entirely. But most of all I wanted to say what a beautiful photograph. Stunning

  14. This it truly beautiful Wendy. The earth is such a gift to us. I cherish it every day. Thanks again for sharing this inspiration.

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